Arianna Sanesi



Born in Tuscany 34 years ago.

Graduated in Communication, History of Photography, then moved to Milan to study Photography in CFP Bauer. Neverending assistantship with some really great photographers, the last one being Ferdinando Scianna.

I believe “the limits of my language are the limits of my world” – and there’s a huge slice I miss!

Photography is my life, and that’s not always a blessing.

I’m bored to death by the debate over photography being art or not. Photography is photography and that’s already so much and so difficult, why adding useless stuff?

In a moment when everyone owns a camera and claims to be a photographer, I’m still so shy about defining myself as such. I came to the conclusion there must be a meaning, a story you fiercely want to tell, not to reduce photography to a sterile excercise.

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